101 Mathematics Questions To Do Before The Exam + Real World Questions Secondary 2



Size: 190mm x 260mm Pages: 69 Author: Ee Teck Ee 13 ISBN: 9789813281363

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101 Mathematics Questions To Do Before the Exam + Real World Questions aims to build students' confidence as they prepare for the exams.

Real World Questions
Additional questions focusing on problem-solving in real world contexts are included based on curriculum requirements. These will help students to handle similar questions in their exams and give them the opportunity to test themsclves and apply the appropriate concepts to present the best solutions.

Higher Order Questions
Students will find that this book is full of interesting mathematical puzzles that extend application of their mathematical knowledge. These questions push students to think deeper
and be creative in coming up with the solutions, based on the mathematical knowledge they have acquired in school.

Progress Report
Use this to track your progress as you lean from the solutions and re-work the questions again.

Detailed Solutions
The detailed working presented for every question facilitates independent learning

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